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Speech And Language Activities

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Speech And Language Activities

Speech and language development

This is the child’s ability to understand and use language. It supports the ability of the child to communicate, express and understand feelings and emotions. At about 2 years, a toddler uses between 50 and 200 words; by 3 years they have a vocabulary of up to 1,000 words and can speak in sentences. During the early childhood years, children’s vocabulary increases at a rapid pace. This is sometimes referred to as the “vocabulary spurt”.
Through the curriculum children will learn to recognize alphabet sounds and learn language through rhyme, repetition and rhythm. The many story and language prompts that introduce concepts and then repeat them, helps a child recognise and repeat sounds.

Speech and Language milestones


  • Speech And Language Activities
  • Rhymes
  • Stories
  • Music and movement
  • Daily conversation

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