Early Explorers ( 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 years)

12 months - 12 kits

Hassel-free Teaching and Learning Program- every month for a year

Most parents are apprehensive about purchasing the right educational toys, books and materials for their child. They are unsure of how to use them, how children learn language, math and cognitive skills and look for better ways to teach their child.

To solve the confusion around early childhood education, Champak’s early childhood program is a one stop solution for every parent. Our early childhood program empowers parents in a way that they need not buy anything other than the kit every month. Once the parent subscribes to the monthly Champak enrichment kit, every month the child gets two new toys, activities and daily lesson plans as per the theme of the month.

The kit contains all the materials that are required to complete the activities in the work book, has stories, and rhymes that increase in terms of complexity and fun each month, ensuring all age appropriate development milestones of the month are achieved. The program creates a happy bond between the parent and the child
Skills That Children Will Learn

Program Design

The program empowers parents with the METHOD and KNOWLEDGE to teach their child. It is framed on the lines of how teaching happens inside a classroom and presents a day-by-day planner to be used within the safety and hygiene of their home.

Once a parent subscribes to the program, every month the child gets a complete enrichment kit that includes a big A-4 size well-illustrated workbook, that has daily lesson plans and activities along with the all necessary materials required for the child to complete them.

The activities in the book and the toys have been specially designed for ease-of-use by the child. They target learning outcomes and are fun to do. All the materials are tested, non-toxic, child-friendly and age-appropriate.

Explore the Champak Curriculum


Champak strives to take children through a step-by-step learning process that is developmentally appropriate and also fun with this curriculum. With songs, entertaining activities, delicious recipes and language exercises, the Champak curriculum aims to promote holistic learning within the child.

Month wise, Day wise Champak Enrichment Kit



June is ‘About Me’. Early Explorers will learn about all about themselves and their loved ones.


The early explorers would learn about Monsoons like the weather, rainwear, rainy creatures, and food we eat during the monsoon.


Early Explorers will learn about pet and farm animals and the difference between them.


Early Explorers will learn about wild animals.


Early explorers will learn about fruits.


Early Explorers will learn about the Underwater world.


Early explorers will learn about vegetables.


Early explorers will learn about community helpers.


Interested in good Homeschool curriculum for your child ? The Champak Enrichment Kit is the right decision!