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Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to how children think, explore and figure things out. It is the development of knowledge, skills, problem-solving that helps children understand the world around them. Brain development is part of the cognitive development process. For example, at about 6-9 months, babies head shake for a “no”; at about 9-12 months, they respond to “wave bye-bye” or “blow a kiss”. By age 2, children master object permanence, they love playing hide-and-seek; know when someone leaves the room, they will come back. They can point to pictures in books and look in the appropriate places when asked to find something.
The cognitive development of two-to five-year-olds progresses steadily. They can count, name colours, and tell you their name and age. They can choose an outfit to wear. They can understand some concepts related to time and sequencing (such as before and after), and can predict the next thing likely to happen in a story. As well, they enjoy humour in stories.
Our program encourages logical thinking, problem solving and each concept is explored in great detail through rhyme, rhythm and repetition, so that the child can soak up all the information.

Cognitive Development Milestones

Ages 1.5-2.5 years


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Aarshi Patil, mother of 2-year old Kiara Patil

The curriculum is designed to encourage problem solving, creative and analytical thinking, gross motor skills, social interactions, sharing and much more. I had such a fun time completing the activities in the book with my daughter Kiara. She was very happy with the sense if achievement and pride after learning something new with each activity. Give a child some paint and watch them paint the world! Thank you Champak!

Angeline Pereira, mother of 2-year old Zavian Pereira

I was overjoyed when I discovered the Champak curriculum. The workbook is large and very vibrant. I found that everything was well thought out. He could easily grip the oversized crayons and he liked that there was plenty of space in the workbook for him to do the activities. My son, of course, enjoyed playing with the toys that were included in the kit. I would highly recommend this workbook to all parents.
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