Concepts of December

Community helpers

The child will learn about community helpers like Doctor, Teacher, Farmer,Pilot, Carpenter, Vegetable seller,fruits seller, fireman, Chef, Police man.

They will also learn how these community helpers help us.

This will be taught through interesting activities, picture talk and rhymes.

Pre-Math concept

Fast or slow

The child will learn about the concept of fast or slow. They will learn to distinguish between fast or slow through story and games.

Number 5

The child learns number 5 with recognition and value through different rhymes and activities.

Letter L, M and N

This month, the child will learn about letters L, M and N.  The child will be able to recognise letters “L” “M”and “N”  and associate them with objects.


Recitation of A-Z phonics songs.

Preparing them for introduction to letters A-Z

Different concepts of math to be done everyday throughout the academic year with hands on activities. For example, shapes, colour, big or small.

Story time

Stories to ignite the child’s imagination and build vocabulary.

Special days:


Pink day celebration

No flame cooking: Chocolate ball

Science experiments: Magnate and coins, magic pink

Field trip: Meet and greet your favourite community helper

Review Class


Aarshi Patil, mother of 2-year old Kiara Patil

The curriculum is designed to encourage problem solving, creative and analytical thinking, gross motor skills, social interactions, sharing and much more. I had such a fun time completing the activities in the book with my daughter Kiara. She was very happy with the sense if achievement and pride after learning something new with each activity. Give a child some paint and watch them paint the world! Thank you Champak!

Angeline Pereira, mother of 2-year old Zavian Pereira

I was overjoyed when I discovered the Champak curriculum. The workbook is large and very vibrant. I found that everything was well thought out. He could easily grip the oversized crayons and he liked that there was plenty of space in the workbook for him to do the activities. My son, of course, enjoyed playing with the toys that were included in the kit. I would highly recommend this workbook to all parents.
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  • Pink day celebration

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