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Concepts Of June

My Name
An important segment where the child is taught the most important concept of identity. The child learns to say their name and also recognises others by their names. It is a confident booster for any individual to be known by their identity. Vocabulary Enhancement: “name”, “years”, “old”.
My Birthday
Children love celebrations and birthdays are their favourite celebration. The child learns about their birthdates. The child feels special on their birthdays and want the loved ones on this special day. Vocabulary Enhancement: “happy birthday”, “thank you”, “gifts”, “guests”.
The child learns about their own gender and that of their family members. Vocabulary Enhancement: “girl” “boy”.
I Am Unique
The child learns that everyone is special. Vocabulary Enhancement: “unique” “height”, “weight”, “colour”.
My Body
The child learns to name different parts of the body. Vocabulary Enhancement: “hands”, “legs”, “ear”, “eyes”, “nose”, etc.
My Family
The child learns about family and its members.
Vocabulary Enhancement: “brother”, “sister’’, “mother”, “father”, “grandfather”, “grandmother”, “care”, “love”, “togetherness”.
My Favourite Toy and Food
Child expresses their favourite toys and food. They also learn the art of caring for their belongings and orderliness.
Vocabulary Enhancement: “ball”, “bat”, “teddy” “bear”, “apple”, “milk”.
My House
We live in our house. We feel safe in our houses.
Vocabulary Enhancement: “table”, “roof”, “floor”, “doors”.
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