Concepts Of November


The child will learn about fruits like mango, apple, banana, grapes, watermelon, pineapple and orange.

They will also learn the different ways of having fruits. 

This will be taught through interesting activities, stories, rhymes and games.

Pre-Math concept

Hot and Cold

The child will learn about the concept of hot and cold. They will learn to distinguish between hot and cold.

Number 4

The child learns number 4 with recognition and value through different rhymes and activities.

Shape  Triangle

The child will learn about the shape triangle.

Letter I, J and K

This month, the child will learn about letters “I,” “J” and “K”.  The child will be able to recognise letters “I,” “J” and “K”  and associate them with objects.

Special Days:

Yellow day 

Children’s day

No flame cooking:

Fruit salad 


  • Fun This Month
  • Fruits
  • Letter I, J and K
  • Hot and Cold
  • Number 4
  • Special days
  • Yellow day
  • Children's Day

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