Concepts Of October

Aquatic animals

The child will learn about Aquatic animals like (Fishes,dolphin,starfish,jellyfish,crab,shark,whale,seahorse and octopus)

The child will also explore the features of these animals. 

This will be taught through interesting activities, stories, rhymes and games.

Pre-Math concept

Open x close

The child will learn about the concept of open and closet. They will learn to distinguish between open and close.

Number 3

The child learns number 3 with recognition and value through different rhymes and activities.

Shape  Square

The child will learn about the shape square.

Letter G and H

This month, the child will learn about letters “G” and “H”.  The child will be able to recognise letters “G” and “H”  and associate them with objects.


Aquatic animals

  • Fun This Month
  • Aquatic animals
  • Letter G and H
  • Pre-Math-Open and Close
  • Number 3
  • Special days
  • Diwali
  • Dussehra

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