Theme Based Activities

Theme based Activities

Lesson plans with activities in Champak’s curriculum are designed according to different themes that are taught monthly. Themes help introduce a variety of activities and are a lot of fun and promote learning outcomes across different domains. In June little ones will learn all about themselves. While in July they’ll learn about the Monsoon and in August they learn about animals. Based on the theme of the month, songs, recipes and stories have been incorporated for the child to have an all round experience.

Some themes Covered in the curriculum

All about me

These activities help children learn more about themselves and others. They learn to speak their name, age, gender, body parts and their favourite toys and food.


Monsson, Summer, Spring and Winter are introduced with the many changes in what a child wears, eats, sees and experiences in the world around them. Whether they enjoy sunny weather or prefer a rainy day, there’s something for every child to learn and explore.


From pet animals, to farm and then to wild animals, children are fascinated by these creatures who we live on the Earth. Each genre of animals are introduced through themes and activities that help children love and understand the animals.

Emotions and Feelings

These are strengthened through the celebrations that form an integral part of the curriculum. In June the children celebrate father’s day, understand the importance of family and friends. Festivals and feelings are important and the theme based activities open doors to meaningful conversation about emotions!


  • Thematic Activities
  • All about me
  • Monsoon
  • Animals
  • Community helpers

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